DFG has committed 7.2 million euros for INTEREST out of 12 new SPPs selected from 49 initiatives. The committed funds for the first phase of the INTEREST will be spread over 27 projects across the country covering the cutting-edge interdisciplinary research on terahertz technologies enabling novel functionalities for real-time applications.

SPP 2314-INTEREST is based on the theme “INtegrated TERahErtz sySTems enabling novel functionality”, an interdisciplinary initiative with the aim of researching enabling technologies and methods in the terahertz frequency range (100GHz - 10THz). The scope of the research covers from chip level integration to the systems level integration of the THz systems to overcome the existing bottlenecks paving the way towards their implementation in practical applications.

A spectrum of research topics, which hold key to open the plethora of terahertz opportunities, have been identified in three research areas (RA), namely RA1: Novel physical phenomena, technologies, and devices, RA2: Novel multi-functional integrated systems, and RA3: Novel terahertz science and applications based on integrated terahertz system.

Foster interdisciplinary science and knowledge

Enabling novel functionalities

Establish self-identity of THz science and technology

Holisitic 'integration' approach

Integrated terahertz systems combine the best of each to overcome fundamental performance limits.

Novel integrated terahertz systems melt down the boundaries between different scientific disciplines.

Enable new terahertz applications, science, or technologies by novel integrated terahertz systems.

Enable orders of magnitude better performance by strengthening the “link-between-the-dots” through integration.

  • ELAN-Registrierung - 29. März 2024
  • Antragseinreichung - 12. April 2024

Following are the research areas, not limited, including few project ideas encompassing from basic research to specific applications,
where the theme integration is expected to impact maximally.